WTL International (Way Truth Life International) is a publishing and editing company that was established in 2006. Our company is a provider of services for larger and more well-known publishers, small publishers and authors alike. Companies looking to improve their promotional communications and non-authors faced with important writing projects have also been clients.

WTL International offers a suite of editing services. Whether you are looking for a second eye to quickly skim through your work or an entire literary overhaul, we can meet your needs. We have experience working on trade books, textbooks, peer-reviewed journal papers, articles and other forms of written work across different genres.

WTL International is your "Truth brand." We have a special spot for truth that can help the world. Feel free to visit our Goodies pages when ready for free niblets of information. Our priorities this year include, but are not limited to, politics, health and wellness, racism, abuse, sports, bullying, comfortable touch, restoring innocence and purity, relationships, singles, pre-teen and young adult fictional reads, adult fiction, short stories, COVID-19, war and war history, support for servicemen and servicewomen, understanding the men who fall victim to the BLACK LIVES MATTER disruptions and police brutality, black beauty, beauty in general, more Asian, First People and Hispanic content, more Western, Eastern and Northern provincial Canadian content, International Games, sports championships, healthy adult intimacy lives, medicine, race, history and lots of fun learning resources, activities and exercises for the kids, especially in the context of the current and approved curricula as these continue to change. We need to get some of this content out to school boards and city officials too so if you can sponsor a city there will be more information to come on key books such as those related to childcare and COVID-19, but no need to rush, everyone is cooperating and this should give time to make our PURCHASE MAP. We pray identifying an fluid order of priority at one of our urls will ensure that you don't stress doctors, nurses, receptionists, secretaries, officials, dignitaries and first responders at this time for the public good. Go to books for your knowledge if you know you are not a special priority. To peace of mind and enjoyment!

WTL International also offers some publications under its own imprints alongside its services. If you are an author looking to have your manuscript published, consider connecting with us to discuss your possible publication. Some of our first publications are available on the Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo websites where we have over 90 titles, another 20 almost published, and another host (3000+) of life-enhancing works already in the development stage!

To purchase products on our site, you can go to the appropriate brand or imprint and choose your products soon. Please bear with us as we coordinate our eight url addresses. You can then find most of them here at wtlipublishing.com, or on a more trusted site such as: www.barnesandnoble.com, www.amazon.com, www.amazon.ca, and www.chapters.indigo.ca.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and we give a special thanks to our Author clients who refer us, Adobe, free search and image programs like Wikipedia and PhotoSketcher, Google, Apple, Amazon, Ingram, Freelancer.com/ca, our Teachers and Professors, and last but not least, Microsoft, for making all of this business-slash-service possible. Throughout our experience working with them and their platforms, they've respected our loves for books, teaching and sharing, and preserved our operation at every step of our journey of 14 years in the execution phase and over 30 years of pre-research.




WTL International. Investing with People as the Resource, through Publishing.