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Author Quick Facts


Harrison Mungal, PhD, Psy D

Quote: “A positive attitude makes it more likely that you will process psychologically sound choices and make healthy choices for your future.”


Bio: Harrison Sharma Mungal is considered one of the leading cognitive therapist workshop presenters. He has a rich and broad background in academia as well as practice. His practice includes working as a cognitive therapist, mental health specialist, psychotherapist, marriage counselor, and psycho-educator. He has appeared as a guest speaker on several radio stations and television programs, discussing a wide variety of issues drawn from his individual clients. Mungal’s organizational clients include: the Attorney General of Canada, police, hospitals and community agencies. He has received several awards and provincial recognitions. Mungal holds membership in many organizations, including the Canadian Association of Neuroscience. Mungal’s favourite subjects to write on are: mental health; parenting; couples and marriage, positivity and a faithful outlook.


Rev. Ruel Castillo

Quote: “Obey God Holy Spirit and God's word and leave all the consequences to Him. He is a good, good FATHER and a loving SAVIOR.”


Bio: Reverend Ruel Hernandez Castillo, who is a pastor, has a life story with some very miraculous experiences. He encourages others to seek a close, personal relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy spirit. Castillo describes his profession as caring for people and sharing the love of Jesus in the workplace. He writes about his experiences struggling with the realities of having an estranged father and how the situation had a happy ending after He drew closer to Jesus.


Moses Agyei, Rev., ThD

Quote: “For God speaketh...In a dream, in a vision of the night... when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed.” (a favorite quote) from Job 33:14-17 of the Holy Bible

Bio: Reverend Dr. Moses George Agyei is known as “The Dreams Dr.” He is an ordained minister and a Doctor of Theology. Agyei specializes in the study and interpretation of dreams, visions and the hearing of voices. He is both a dreamer and an interpreter of dreams. He speaks on the radio regularly, representing End-time Resurrection Covenant Radio Ministries. He steadfastly believes that dreams are more than just a phenomenon resulting from one eating too much pizza. Agyei’s perspective on dreams is broad and draws copiously from the physical, spiritual, Biblical and metaphysical realms of human experience. Moses writes on dreams and the end-times. His teachings and dream interpretations are always grounded on the Scripture.


Tonya King

Quote: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” (a favorite quote) from Maya Angelou


Bio: Tonya King is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She writes about this in her second publication, which is her book published by WTL International. Writing has always been a hobby for Tonya, whether it be songs, poetry or articles. King has now turned writing into her entrepreneurial journey. She describes writing as hard work, but likes to write to empower and inspire readers to know that with God, you can overcome adversity in your everyday life.


Marie Bailey

Quote: "The Bible is God's word. Read it to learn more about Him and how to live a life that pleases Him."

Bio: Jamaican-born Marie Bailey is a resident of Ontario and a woman of faith. Bailey has a passion for writing as and has also been managing an Avon business for several years. Bailey was WTL International’s first author to be represented all the way in the Cayman Islands! Apart from writing, Bailey is a dedicated wife and mother.


Michael Stewart

Quote: “If everyone knew the feeling of constant anxiety and mood swings that can result from your brain being rattled then stricter safety guidelines might finally be enforced.”


Bio: Michael Stewart has excelled as an International-level Boxer. He was first introduced to boxing around eleven years old. It was a means of training in the summer for his hockey season. He eventually pursued boxing instead of hockey, gained his footing in boxing, and he won the gold medal at the Junior World Boxing Championship in 1992. He is Canada's last World Champion boxer as of June 2022. Stewart is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ who teaches about the dangers of sports and the advantages of sports when played for fun. In his book, he talks about the dangers of concussions, of which he had several, and how the only way to overcome is the spiritual way.


Angela Harders

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Lorie Kay

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