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Author Quick Facts


Judith Green

Quote: “Make caring for the environment second nature.”


Bio: Judith Green sat on her hotel bed one dreary winter day while on a work assignment in Alberta, Canada, miles away from home. Suddenly, her mind wandered to what else she could do besides being an accountant, which she had done for much of her work life. She thought she would write a book, but that soon gave way to self-introspection as she pondered over what subject she could possibly write on. She recalled her desire to help children, and “voila!” There was her answer: children’s books. Her plan was to educate children to take a front seat on environmental issues through her stories, teaching to take care of the environment and the environment would take care of them. She would also donate to needy children from the proceeds of the books. Green has written multiple series of books for children on the environment.


Veronica Green

Quote: “[This is] not just ordinary poetry, but poetry with the color and flair of the Jamaican dialect.”


Bio: Veronica Green came to Canada in 2001 and settled in the Greater Toronto Area. One thing she loved most about the region was its “multiculturalism.” She has had the opportunity to interact with so many immigrants from many places and one thing she has found that they all have had in common is a story to tell about their unique experiences, whether their first winter, finding a job, or coping in a new workplace. Green decided to capture many of them in poetry, with the typical charming Jamaican flavor. Green enjoys reading poetry to audiences in the footsteps of the late Jamaican, the Honorable Mrs. Louise Bennett-Coverley. She is a proud mother of awesome children, including twins, and enjoys her grandchildren greatly.


Angelot Ndongmo

Quote: “There is no greater gift than knowledge of self.”


Bio: Angelot Ndongmo is a youth worker currently living in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. She loves children and enjoys working with them. Growing up in Ottawa, Ontario, Ndongmo recognized first hand the lack of reading materials promoting black identity that would help children of African descent build their positive self-image, self awareness and self-confidence. She embraces that our attitudes will determine how far we go in life. The Loving Me series is Ndongmo's first contribution towards enhancing positive attitudes in black children through publication.  


Annika Bennett

Quote: “Learning and having fun doesn’t always have to come from a piece of technology. Maybe sometimes it’s better to learn from other people around us.”


Bio: Annika Bennett published her first book with WTL International as a high school student. She wrote it for a project in her special arts program. She is now a post-secondary University student. Besides, writing, Annika enjoys singing, public administration, advocating for equity and for human rights.


Charlotte Caunter

Quote: “Teach your child the powerful lessons that Mother Nature has gifted all of us and express your gratitude [to her] together...”


Bio: Charlotte Caunter is a life coach, health and nutrition consultant, raw food chef, published author and a cancer survivor. Caunter’s past experiences with cancer have made her an ardent believer in defeating cancer using an integrative holistic approach. She was deemed cancer-free and feels passionate about using her experiences to empower, inspire and motivate others like her to overcome cancer and enjoy good health and happiness. Caunter adores nature and believes in its healing properties. She is also an advocate for environmental protection. She sees children as the future stewards of the planet who must be involved in the efforts to preserve mother nature. This is the subject of her first book with WTL International. Caunter is the founder of Health SHEro, where she is a holistic burnout coach for moms.

naadei headshot1.jpeg

Naadei Neequaye-Oyelade

Quote: “You are who you are, and you are meant to be you.”


Bio: Naadei Neequaye-Oyelade is exceptionally artistic. She applied the visual arts skills that she developed while at college in helping her to play a crucial part in the artistic vision of her first picture book, which WTL International acquired. Her book is designed to help children feel comfortable in who they are, whether they are autistic, have another diagnosis, are slow to make friends, or otherwise feel out of place. Neequaye-Oyelade is a wife and mum living with her husband in the United Kingdom.


Sandra Baker

Quote: “It is important to embrace diversity in curricula and the classroom.”


Bio: Sandra Baker has been an educator since 1999 and is a wife and mother of two girls. She has worked with children from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and has become sensitive to issues of today’s diverse families, which include single parent and adoptive families. Baker feels that certain factors, if not  properly addressed, tend to have negative impacts on children’s emotional, social and psychological development. Accordingly, Baker has contributed her expertise in writing curricula and reviewing textbooks for diversity and inclusion that celebrate the contributions of First Nations people and Canadians of African descent to society. Baker has also published a children’s book highlighting mixed-race families in a healthy context with WTL International. Baker has also developed educational materials for Hot Docs.

Margaret Clarke Picture.jpg

Margaret Clarke, EdD

Quote: “Readers make good writers and good readers make excellent writers, so learn to read, and read all you can so that you can write all that you want to.”

Bio: Margaret Clarke earned her Doctor of Education in Jamaica. She has earned somewhat of a reputation for turning struggling students into exceptional students. She has extensive experience teaching young people the basics of reading and writing and stresses them as fundamental requirements for succeeding in life.


Colin "CJ" Jarrett

Quote: “Questionz over answers…”

Bio: CJ is a world traveler, art connoisseur and foodie. He is super-introspective and creative. His works get adults thinking and engaged. CJ’s writings with WTL International well-reflect his outlook on life: embrace it fully and inquisitively.


Yolanda Giacona

Quote: “To all the souls who have suffered and felt alone at one time… you are not alone.”

Bio: Yolanda Giacona is a poet, writer and artist. She is a role model for helping others overcome pain and hurt in their lives by drawing from her own experiences. Her poetry book and children’s book, published by WTL, take creative approaches to helping people overcome hurt in relationships and bullying.


Nathan Hammah

Quote: “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” (a favorite quote) from Charles Bukowski


Bio: Nathan Hammah is an all-encompassing and multi-talented artist with complementary skills, from writing, to free-style rapping and song-making, to film production. He has founded a few companies, including Aukiss Media systems, Ltd. Hammah helped popularized the idea of “the legitimate hustle” in his circles in his early beginnings as a rapper, stressing the values of hard work in legitimate ways or making an honest living. Alongside his entrepreneurship and artistry, he has worked steadfastly as a youth worker. His book, Innocent Wisdom, shares first hand experiences working with shelter youth.


Michael Assivero

Quote: "If you do good things for the right reasons, sometimes magic happens!"


Bio: Michael Assivero’s life has definitely not been without struggle, but he has a great attitude, a great sense of humor, and a faith that helps carry him through the day. Michael Assivero is a radio personality and loves to DJ and entertain his audience. He is also a father of three loving boys and husband to his supportive wife Keisha.


Alan Marlowe

Quote: “We are slowly losing our humanity to it [technology]…antiquated ways may just be what humanity needs to save it from itself.”


Bio: Alan Marlowe has great stories to tell. He is able to intellectually weave metaphoric references drawn from history and politics into his stories in apt places to a degree that very few authors of satire have managed. Alan Marlowe is a husband, father and author-educator.

Dahlia Head shot 2.JPG

Dahlia DeSouza

Quote: “Dream without limits. Create without fear. Inspire with Action."


Bio: Dahlia DeSouza is an author, elementary school teacher, and wife and mother of three little ones. She is also owner and founder of the luxury watch company UptothetimeTM. DeSouza challenges children to dream big, and to see themselves as important and capable of making change, even in their youth.


Valomia Moss-Weir

Quote: “Some of Aunt V’s childhood memories remind me of how much things have changed yet remained the same…The account of her life [I wrote]… explores the rich culture and traditions of Jamaica.”


Bio: Valomia Moss-Weir, niece of centenarian Violet Mosse-Brown, was born in Trelawny, Jamaica. Moss-Weir started as a secondary school teacher and worked for many years as an Education Officer in the Ministry of Education in Jamaica. She now resides in the Greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada and is certified with the Ontario College of Teachers. Moss-Weir brings Jamaican traditions alive and paints a vivid picture of life on the island at different cross-sections of time through sharing the true account of her aunt in her books.


D. Anglin Facey

Quote: -


Bio: D. Anglin Facey is a Jamaican-born Canadian living in Toronto. She works as a clinical research coordinator, and spends much of her free time writing and working with youth in various community programs. Identify Him is her debut novel.

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