We offer ghostwriting services, but not in the traditional sense. We don't write your whole book for you, but we prayerfully help to draw out the deeper truths and messages within you and put them on paper. That being said, we do a considerable amount of writing, helping you to communicate your wonderful ideas in engaging and impactful ways. We have a knack for drawing out the words you want to say, given background information. This service is great for very busy professionals who might not have the time to spend on their great ideas, for people with accessibility needs who might consider our ghostwriting service as an accessibility tool, and for those who can admit that they have never quite been able to express themselves in written words as well as they wanted to although they have a lot to share in book form. 


$0.18 per word

  • Includes 2 planning consultations

  • Includes planning (or assessing) the overall arrangement of your text

  • Includes performing background research, applying subject-specific knowledge, and creating the connections necessary to speak to your expertise

  • Includes producing a complete manuscript based on your ideas

  • You own full rights to the resultant text

Please call 647-881-6653 or email us at for more information.

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