We have been publishing titles for over a decade in addition to editing work. When you employ our publishing services, we move along your book project from manuscript to sales and distribution. In some cases, we service self-publishers as well. To publish your work, a cost is incurred on our end, and we must invest our time. Thus, there is an upfront cost. Your payment of our fee ensures that we are operating profitably and is also a sign of willingness to invest in your own business. It is a gesture which often tends to coincide with a sincere belief that the author has put his or her best work forward. Below are the publishing services currently being offered.

Full Publishing Package

$300.00 to $3,800.00

  • Includes assignment of an ISBN and bar code

  • Includes registering your book with the appropriate agencies

  • Includes editing work from beginning all the way to the final proofread

  • Includes book layout and design work

  • May include illustration work or other artwork

  • May include book cover design work

  • Includes book marketing and sales

  • Includes the placement of your book on online retailer websites including Amazon websites, the Barnes and Noble website, the Chapters Indigo website

  • Includes preparing printer files and arranging book printing (if you decide to order copies)

  • Includes order fulfillment and distribution services (including to international markets)

  • You (the author) makes 80% of the profits, while WTL International earns 20% of the profits

  • An author is under no obligation to order any number of books

  • Authors get discounted copies of their books and can order any number of books

  • Authors hold the copyrights to their books

Self-publishing Package

$300.00 to $600.00

  • Includes book file preparation

  • May include assignment of an ISBN and bar code

  • May include registering your book to the appropriate agencies

  • May include editing

  • May include organizing book printing and preparing printer files

  • WTL takes no percentage of revenue from books sold

  • An author is under no obligation to order any number of books

Please call 647-881-6653 or email us at for more information.