Separating the Religions: Christianity vs. Islam is a compelling comparison between the Christian and Islamic faiths, stressing the importance of drawing lines between the religions. It approaches some of life's most important questions: what is the nature of faith and do different roads lead to the same destination? It provides a basis for the comparison of other world faiths. For the intellectual, the Christianity vs. Islam series is an engaging exercise in discernment. For the intellectual believer or "seeker," it also offers insights into perhaps the deepest of truths in the most pluralistic of times.


Series Title: Separating the Religions: Christianity vs. Islam (a multi-part series)

Author: WTL Editorial
Genre: youth / adult non-fiction

Theme: religion, faith, spirituality, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, truth
Ages: 12 and up

Trim Size: 8.5” x 11”

Format: hardcover

Binding: case laminate

Finish: matte

Publication Date: October 2019

List Price: $512.00


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Separating the Religions Series Library Set

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