Add Chemistry Ad Christi

Add Chemistry Ad Christi


A key read for anyone interested in science in general, Add Chemistry Ad Christi explores 3 fresh arguments that pose a challenge to evolution as a godless theory which attempts to explain life. The perspective is scientific and well rooted in an understanding of both evolutionary and creationist perspectives. The language is layperson friendly. This book is a profound supplementary read that would be great for year-one students of Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry courses in colleges and universities.


Title: Add Chemistry Ad Christi

Subtitle: n/a

Author: WTL International
ISBN: 978-1-927865-22-5
Genre: adult non-fiction

Theme: science, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, evolution, Darwinism, creation, God, Christian science

Ages: adults

Trim Size: 6” x 9”

Page Count: 128

Format: paperback

Binding: perfect

Finish: gloss

Publication Date: April 2022

List Price: $17.00