Christianity vs. Christianity

Christianity vs. Christianity

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“Separating the Religions” is a series written by WTL International that discusses different belief viewpoints, world mysteries and problems that weigh on the mind, like racism, injustice, and depression in light of religion, factual and insightful perspectives.


The fifth book in the series, Christianity vs. Christianity, bloomed with a conversation with "Penny Dis" blog writer Robert Jackson. It explores the things that we do as Christians that have people with "one foot inside the door and one foot outside" or that have us altogether, respecting Christ, but out-the-door. It touches on the concepts of a chosen people of God versus everyone being God's children, racisim, divide and conquer pasts and cultural hegemony, among other atrocities. It sticks to the greatest atrocities that were carried out in otherwise "Christian Societies," and visits these in brief for efficiency, with our promise to do it as accurately and honestly as possible. The approach is factual and also draws from well-studied perceptions, private, blind surveys and private expressed perceptions, told anonymously. Here is a place we can be real and take the whitewash off of the tombstones...before rebirth.


Title: Christianity vs. Christianity

Subtitle: Why Some People Don't Like Christians

Author: WTL International
ISBN: 78-1-77831-042-3
Genre: non-fiction

Theme: Jesus, religion, Christianity, race, humanity, world history, evolution, survival of the "fittest"

Ages: all ages, PG-13 (unless in an educational setting)

Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"

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Format: soft cover

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Publication Date: December 2022

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