Christianity vs. Islam

Christianity vs. Islam


“Separating the Religions” is a series written by WTL International that discusses different belief viewpoints, world mysteries and problems that weigh on the mind, like racism, injustice, and depression in light of religion, factual and insightful perspectives.


The first book, Christianity vs. Islam, is a comparison of the Christian and Islamic religions in terms of what they have in common and what they don’t. It discusses subjects like the Anti-Christ, did scriptural prophecies come true, pluralism and the belief that all religions are true, and the role of Jesus in society since both religions talk about Him.


Title: Christianity vs. Islam

Subtitle: Similarities and Differences Between Christianity and Islam

Author: WTL International
ISBN: 978-1-927865-36-1
Genre: non-fiction

Theme: Jesus, religion, Christianity, Islam, Muslim, World History, Faith

Ages: all ages

Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"

Page Count: TBD

Format: soft cover

Binding: perfect bound

Finish: Gloss

Publication Date: July 2022

List Price: $50.00