This is a game book for Bible teaching for team leaders. It consists of images which each have a number. Answers are also at the back in this version. If used as a player book, it's a bit bulky, but that is part of the fun; a number is called and players find themselves racing through pages to find the number called. The idea is to see who gets to it first and can give a meaning or time it was mentioned in the Bible. There are also neat little patterns in it that we only discovered after making it. A pretty fun book to have!

Title: The Image Game

Subtitle: A Game Book for Bible Teaching

Author: Aisha Hammah
ISBN: 978-0-981075-93-8
Genre: children's non-fiction

Theme: Bible, Christianity, Sunday School, Sabbath School, Activity Book, Religious

Ages: children, ages 6 to 18

Trim Size: 8.5” x 11”

Page Count: 18

Format: paperback

Binding: perfect

Finish: gloss

Publication Date: June 2016

List Price: $26.99


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The Image Game

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