This package takes three chapters from Wonder Biology which is currently scheduled for a later release, and shares them in the light of the question: Is there a place for God in Science, Technology, Society, Health and Medicine? The angle uses biochemical expertise and no ideas are shut down. The tone is positive and the games included are fun! Everything is put into context. The first 50 institutions in New England, Buffalo, NYC and the greater Toronto areas get a visit and in-person education day. After supplies are through the same institutions would possibly still have a chance but would might have to go through a third party provider at a higher rate at a later date. Be at the fore-front of introspective learning. The Wolf's Paw, Comparative comes with multiple electronic versions of the same story-line, online one-day courses available at the click of a button, a liberal Christian version, a right-winged Christian verson and of course, a secular version available as a link to a secure portal right on your site (no paper). This great offer serves to encourage exploration of the study of how we write science and write about science. By extension, it teaches us how to talk science in today's political and social landscape. Plus, there's an activity pack and a free question and game day visit for the first 200 colleges, universities or schools. $800 per school, not $800 per student! Please feel free to set up a meeting to discuss more and any other topics you'd like questions answered for. Teachers! Sit back and rest a whlie! Returns are negotiable at varying stages of the order process when you order via eventually. You can email the owner, Aisha Hammah with any questions at all or you are welcomed to dial 647-881-6653 for answers. All ages. We're here to teach the Teachers too! We feel you!

The Wolf's Paw, Teacher/Instructor Continuing Education Training Version

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