You might not be looking for full publishing services but you might still want your project edited. If this is the case, we offer the full range of editing services from a light proofread to a very thoughtful restructure that could shape the direction of your work. We work in various English standards, including British and American standard English. Below are the packages offered.


$20.00 to $980.00

  • Includes checking for typos, formatting errors, grammar, spelling and punctuation errors (recommended for documents that are nearly complete and that may already be formatted)

Light Edit

$150.00 to $1,200.00

  • Includes a line-by-line edit

  • Includes substantive editing

  • Includes checking for typos, grammar, spelling and punctuation errors

  • Includes correcting and applying elements of style (such as use of italics, bolding, quotation marks, etc.)

  • Includes editing for word choice and flow

  • Includes fact checking

  • Includes validating and assessing the accuracy of the content

Extensive Structural Edit

$300.00 to $2,000.00

  • Includes everything the light edit offers plus the following

  • Includes assessing the organization of information

  • Includes an evaluation of the concepts presented 

  • Considers how the text might be improved or "elevated" broadly to achieve its goals, usually with a few, yet substantial, tweaks

Your price could differ depending on the length of the manuscript and the extent of editing required.

Additional Information


  • Your edit includes as many passes back-and-forth between the author and WTL as needed (limited to within reason). We typically use one pass to achieve author satisfaction.

Always come with your product self-edited to the degree that you think you have done your best.

Please call 647-881-6653 or email us at for more information.