Publishing Services

We move along your book project, coordinating the steps from manuscript to sales. A typical publishing service package may include editing work; design work; artwork; marketing; sales; help with book sales events; the placement of your book on online retailer websites; printing; order fulfillment; and distribution services including to international markets. Contact the office with any questions you have or for information on how to submit your manuscript. Below are the publishing packages currently being offered. We also offer best-selling and celebrity authors with contracts with other publishers their best books yet on their terms!

To publish your work, a cost is incurred and we invest our time. Your payment of our fee is a sign of willingness to invest in your own business and a gesture which tends to confirm a sincere belief that you have put your best work forward.

1. Direction of New Business Markets for Publishers

Up to $320,000.00 (we reserve the right to adjust on a case by case basis)

2. Publishing Service

Up to $3900.00

2. Artwork / Illustration Services

Up to $3900.00

4. Marketing and Distribution Services for Self-Publishers

Not available at this time

Marketing and Sales

We market and sell books. We do not charge an upfront fee to WTL authors for marketing or sales. Our marketing efforts are usually reserved for authors who publish with WTL International.

Editing Services

You might not be looking for full publishing services but you might still want your project edited. If this is the case, we offer the full range of editing services from a light proofread to a very thoughtful restructure that could affect the direction of your work. We work in various English standards, including British and American standard English. Below are the packages offered.

1. Proofread

Up to $980.00

2. Light Edit

Up to $1,200.00

3. Extensive Edit

Up to $3,900.00

Your price could differ depending on the length of the manuscript and the extent of editing required.

Always come with your product self-edited to the degree that you think you have done your best.



Past Publishing-Related Services

Past publishing-related services have included project management for publication projects, pre-manuscript writing guidance, social media research, market research, managerial editing, manuscript writing, instructional design, book illustration... and book printing for externally published  books for authors and partner publishers.

Please call 647-881-6653 or email us at for more information.

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