Tell Your Library

Do you want to help promote our books? Do you want to read a book but can't afford it right now? Do you want to help save trees?

You can check whether the book is available at your local library already or request that it be included in your local library's collection.

You can usually request that one of our books be added to your local library's collection from anywhere you have access to your local library's website. Most library's have a place on their website where you can fill in information about a book to request that book. Alternatively, you can request a book be added to your local library's collection in person at your local library. You can find the sort of details the library will need to purchase our books here, and you can contact us for any additional information you may need. You must be a member of your local library. This is a helpful, affordable and environmentally friendly means to get your hands on the books you'd like to read.

Once you've requested a book be added to a collection, don't forget to follow up with your local library to check to see if the book has been added.

Whatever means you use, don't forget to follow through. Remember to actually borrow the books and enjoy them!

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