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About Us


WTL International (Way Truth Life International) is a book publishing and editing company that was established in 2006. Our company is a provider of services for larger publishers, mid-size publishers, small publishers and self-publishers alike. Companies looking to improve their promotional communications and non-authors faced with important writing projects have also been clients.

WTL International offers a suite of editing services, whether you are looking for a second eye to quickly skim through your work or an entire literary overhaul. We have experience working on educational books, peer-reviewed papers, contracts, grant proposals, articles and trade books across different genres. We also offer services in areas such as book illustration and graphic design.

We have a growing collection of our own book publications. We often call them "projects" because they are more than just "products." They serve to improve life and guide the soul, one creative and faithful project at a time. They do this in various ways, ranging from telling meaningful stories, to exploring the remaining mysteries and gospel truths educatively to reveal the messages embedded in them; and from teaching Bible basics, to fostering a healthy self-esteem in young children. Many of our projects are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo websites. You can check our projects out on those sites or tour the rest of this site and its links, including The Green Class, for more information about what we do.

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