I am an author with WTL International. Do I have to purchase a minimum quantity of my own books?

No. Our authors are not obligated to purchase any of their books at any time.


Where else are WTL books made available?

Most of our books can be purchased on websites such as www.barnesandnoble.com, www.amazon.com, www.amazon.ca, www.amazon.co.uk and www.indigo.ca. They can also be ordered in-store at these retailers while some books are already on shelves in these and other bookstores.

Is my purchase secure?

Yes, a wix-affiliated company called "Stripe" or PayPal will manage your debit card and credit card payments with a secure, quick and easy payment management system.


The email address and phone number you provide at the time of purchase will only be used in the context of that particular transaction.

I do not have a PayPal account. How do I pay via PayPal?

You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account in order to make a purchase on this website via Paypal. PayPal facilitates your order but allows you to  pay via your preferred credit card if you choose.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Please contact us at ah@wtlipublishing.com or call 647-881-6653 to discuss volume discounts for your bulk orders.


In what currency are the prices and rates shown?

All prices and rates on this website are in U.S. dollars and there are 5% taxes. For different currencies, conversion happens automatically.