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Busy Billy

Billy is curious and well-meaning, but like every young boy, there is always more to learn, and sometimes Billy is not on his best behaviour. In fact, he often has his grandma asking, “Why, Billy? Why?” Through the seven stories shared in this book, Billy learns new lessons he can apply to life while readers learn too.


Title: Busy Billy

Subtitle: n/a

Author: Rhonelle Patrick
ISBN: 978-1-927865-52-1
Genre: children’s fiction

Theme: silly stories, behaving well, making wise choices, staying out of trouble
Ages: children, ages 10 and under

Trim Size: 6” x 9”

Page Count: 56

Format: paperback

Binding: perfect

Finish: gloss

Publication Date: August 2019

List Price: $28.99

Busy Billy

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