Christianity vs. Black Zionist Christianity

Christianity vs. Black Zionist Christianity


“Separating the Religions” is a series written by WTL International that discusses different belief viewpoints, world mysteries and problems that weigh on the mind, like racism, injustice, and depression in light of religion, factual and insightful perspectives.


The second book in the series, Christianity vs. Black Zionist Christianity, explores Africa and its Diaspora’s people, plight and future in light of its struggles, faith and spirituality. It touches on the concepts of a chosen people of God versus a cursed people of God, on race and racism, experiences of disadvantage as well as Africa’s rich culture, history and future outlook.


Title: Christianity vs. Black Zionist Christianity

Subtitle: Africa's People, Africa's Plight, Africa's Future

Author: WTL International
ISBN: 978-1-927865-43-9
Genre: non-fiction

Theme: Jesus, religion, Christianity, Africa, race, the Black Diaspora, slavery, world history, faith, Zionism, The New Jerusalem, history

Ages: all ages

Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"

Page Count: TBD

Format: soft cover

Binding: perfect bound

Finish: Gloss

Publication Date: July 2022

List Price: $50.00