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I Am Who I Am

This is a story about loving who you are and finding friends who are kind to you. It follows Elle the Elephant who feels awfully odd and different from all the other jungle animals. The story is told in a rhyming, colorful, jungle style!


Title: I Am Who I Am

Subtitle: n/a

Author: Naadei Neequaye-Oyelade
ISBN: 978-1-927865-24-8
Genre: children’s fiction

Theme: bullying, high self-esteem, confidence, healthy self-image, disability, feeling different

Ages: Children, ages 9 and under

Trim Size: 8.5” x 8.5”

Page Count: 28

Format: paperback

Binding: perfect

Finish: gloss

Publication Date: August 11, 2016

List Price: $12.99

I Am Who I Am

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