A fun, visual learning and play-by-number piano music book that teaches the learner (whether young or young at heart) to play thirteen familiar songs. The songs include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday to You. It is great for kids and adults who find themselves taking a liking to music. It grows one's appetite for more musical learning and performing. It is also great for building self-confidence in those who use it. Through one's newly developed musical achievements as new songs are learned, confidence is built. The mind also gets "brain food." The author Aisha Hammah found that once a healthy foundation of religious faith was laid, the wholesome, quiet self-confidence it brought only got better with simple gifts like Piano. She started with a play-by-number book for kids of comparable difficulty and Aisha has gone on to compose, read and playback music. This foundation was built upon a basic but tangible understanding of music, reflected in the creation of Piano; and as simple as the book itself which she wants to share.


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