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Take Back Your Pearls: Victim to Victory-Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Has somebody stolen your pearls?


Sexual abuse is a devastating experience that leaves an ugly stain on your soul. If this has happened to you, an innocent part of you was snatched away and defiled, and you are left to pick up the pieces.


So many of us put on a brave face and try to walk through the shattered mess of a future we didn't ask for. Our sexuality is precious and having it tainted leaves us with a pain unlike any other. Too many survivors just have no idea what to do with that.


Did you know that God has absolute freedom for you? God's plan for you does not include wallowing in pain someone else dumped on you. Learn to embrace the wonderful future God has for you that is completely free of your past. Learn to shed guilt and shame as you see yourself the way God does. Learn why someone else's sin cannot block God's flow of blessing to you-learn to receive God's amazing restoration of all your broken pieces.


Take Back Your Pearls invites you on a journey to full recovery from sexual abuse. Lorie Kay has personally walked this path. She is passionate about helping others reach that goal, and she knows the strength of the roadblocks you face. Lorie shows you, step by step, and with practical advice, how to go from a beaten and bruised sexual victim to a victorious overcomer with a fabulous future. Don't stay in the pit where sin and pain put you! Don't let the thieves keep what they stole-take back your pearls!


Title: Take Back Your Pearls

Subtitle: Victim to Victory-Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Author: WTL International
Genre: adult non-fiction

Theme: sexual abuse, assault, self-help, healing, spiritual growth, health, well-being, happiness

Ages: adults

Trim Size: 6” x 9”

Page Count: 144

Format: paperback

Binding: perfect

Finish: gloss

Publication Date: March 2023

List Price: $15.99

Take Back Your Pearls: Victim to Victory-Overcoming Sexual Abuse

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